Microworks Technology Limited was founded in 2001. Our core business is brand management and product distribution from authorized brands including Photography, Consumer Electronic, Audio, Computer Peripherals and Anime Merchandise with over 20 international brands, providing comprehensive sales, marketing and after-sales service in Hong Kong and Macau regions.


For many years, Microworks has been adhering to the principle of “Act with Sincerity, Work with The Heart”. With 20 years of accumulated experience in distributions, we have an in-depth understanding of the characteristics and development trends of our authorized brands products. At Microworks, we persist in providing the highest quality genuine products by strictly selected and tested, to ensure the quality, credibility and reputation of the brands products, and believe in professional service. In recent years, we have been actively expanding our product lines in different categories from consumer electronics to animation gadgets, quickly responding to the market's changing needs.


In 2022, Microworks established Microworks ACG Limited to emphasize the promotion and sales of anime and toy products as a category project focused on the development of anime and related industries.


Act with Sincerity, Work with The Heart” is our performance pledge. We offer customers a comprehensive sales, customer services and technical supports in all aspects of our products, to provide the most appropriate service.

Microworks Technology Limited