We recently found a batch of suspected imitation products as Ducky Channel mechanical keyboards selling online shops from overseas market. The above infringement and fraud of using Microworks genuine logo label and warranty certificate label to these suspected imitation products which have seriously affected Ducky Channel of striving to deliver a good brand and highquality product image.  

From now on, our company will take the action of replacing all Hong Kong and Macau regions of genuine Ducky Channel products with new anti-counterfeiting warranty label (see pictures), barcode and a wiped film numbers, you may visit our Microworks website of Hong Kong and Macau region Ducky authorized distributor to verify the authenticity.

Website: www.microworks.com.hk/validation 


我們於近日於海外市場發現一批懷疑冒充 Ducky Channel 機械鍵盤之產品於網絡上銷售,特此聲明以上侵權和欺詐行為嚴重影響 Ducky Channel 一直努力建立之良好品牌及高質量產品形象。有鑑於此,即日起將為所有港澳 Ducky Channel 產品換上全新防偽標籤 (見圖)。透過標籤上一組條碼及一組刮膜號碼,貴客可以瀏覽港澳代理商 Microworks 網站驗證真偽。