SMDV with a Development center set-up in korea, they are highly specialized in developing and producing advanced studio flash systems and accessories such as radio trigger, wireless release, cable release etc. for operating the various types of flash lights(storbe) and current automated digital cameras including branded ones.

Light Modifiers

SMDV Speedbox-70 Speedlight Diffuser Box

Professional 28-Inch (70cm) Hexagonal Softbox

Patented quick-release folding system for fast and convenient setup 28" (70cm) Diameter Hexagon Shape High quality DOUBLE DIFFUSION PANELS for high quality soft light! New more Durable Steel rods.

Limited Edition featuring Professional Product Support in the U.S.

The improved SMDV's Diffuser SPEEDBOX-S70 is a high-quality professional hexagonal softbox for off camera flashes that creates a quality soft diffused light.

SMDV's patented folding system allows the softbox to be setup and taken down very quickly.

The softbox shell is made from a rip stop style nylon to minimize wear and tear.

The inside of the softbox is silver coated to maximize reflection.

Ideal for professional photographers on the go!

Product feature(s)


- High quality 70cm (28") rigid hexagonal softbox diffuser.

- Patented quick release folding system for fast and convenient setup and enhanced portability.

- Perfect companion for SMDV triggers such as the FlashWave-III Perfect for use with various portable flash systems.

- Double diffusion panels.

- Removable internal baffle for the softbox helps reduce hotspots and softens the light even more.

- The new SB-03 tilting bracket folds for even more compact storage.

- High quality carrying bag with shoulder strap for a convenient storage and carry.

- Enhanced durability now with steel rods.

- The Limited Edition features Professional product support in the U.S.

Product ID SM-DF70
Brand SMDV
Category Light Modifiers
Price HKD 1480.00
Warrenty 1 Year
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