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ActionCam Accessories

GoPro Removable Instrument Mount

Easy-to-remove, non-damaging adhesive mounts ideal for instruments. 

Compatibility: All GoPro cameras

Product feature(s)

Mount your GoPro to your guitar, drums, turntables, keyboard or other instruments to capture immersive footage during practice or performance. These temporary mounts are easy to remove and feature non-damaging adhesive that’s safe for most instrument surfaces. Includes three mounts and two single-use adhesive strips.


- Ideal for guitars, drums, turntables, keyboards, and brass and woodwind instruments

- Easy to remove—just pull the tab, no tools required

- Features non-damaging adhesive that’s safe for most instrument surfaces

- Includes three mounts and two replacement adhesive strips

- Mounts may be reused, adhesive strips are single-use only


Note: Not for use on highly fragile or irreplaceable items.

Product ID GP-AMRAD-001
Brand GoPro
Category ActionCam Accessories
Warrenty 1 Year
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