Devialet成立於2007年,發展至今已成為全球最獲好評的音響技術公司。品牌的成功,建基於一系列Devial​​et產品,包括Expert Pro擴音器、Phantom系列及全新Phantom REACTOR,皆配備了顛覆性的創新技術,上百位Devialet的工程師、機械技工、科技人員及信號處理專家,每天都努力不懈地進行研究,只為達成一個目標,就是向全世界呈獻零失真、零磁化飽和及零背景雜音的完美音色,讓更多人享受到音樂中的情感。

Audio Device and Accessories

Phantom Premier - Opera

4500 Watts | 108 dB SPL | 14Hz – 27kHz

The master gilders at Ateliers Gohard finish the Phantom’s gold leaf gills according to time-honored methods. Each gold leaf is applied by hand for a unique, irreplaceable patina. Heritage techniques demand absolute perfection first time round — once the leaf has been applied, it cannot be removed. Bearing the Gold Phantom Opéra de Paris | Devialet signature, gills are gilded with moongold, a precious and stainless palladium-yellow gold alloy.

0 distortion – 0 saturation – 0 background noise

Product feature(s)

Product ID DV-MX068GB
Brand Devialet
Category Audio Device and Accessories
Price HKD 29990.00
Warrenty 2 Year
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