From Melbourne's laneways to the world's airways, Crumpler bags will get you where you need to go efficiently and assuredly. We make bags for people who appreciate quality and great product design - from prep students to Olympic athletes, and everyone in between.

Camera Bags / Hard Cases

Crumpler Quick Escape 150 (dull black)

With the quick-draw, top-loading Quick Escape 150, you could snap a clean portrait of ol' John Wayne (or Pistol Pete) himself before he even had time to cock his hammer. You’re darn tootin'! With this crafty photo bag, you can sling it over your shoulder or wear it on your hip... so you’re all set for some two-steppin' and long-neckin'! And don't you fret if you get caught in one o' them torrential downpours, neither. These bags are made from water-resistant and hard-wearing Chicken Tex and they’ve got integrated rain covers built right into 'em.




Camcorder or bridge camera + accessories




- 1000d Chicken Tex Supreme™ Nylon, Waterproof Ripstop lining, Soft protective Nylex lining

- Air mesh padded back, Tongue divider, Internal mesh pockets for memory cards

- Internal pocket for accessories, Wide opening with integrated protective collar

- Adjustable shoulder/waist strap with unique swivel mechanism offering cross-shoulder and waist belt carrying options, Fastener to hold excess strap onto the main strap

- Hanging loop / grip handle, Integrated rain cover



OUTER SIZE: 17.0 x 18.5 x 12.0 cm

INNER SIZE: 11.0 x 16.0 x 7.5 cm

VOLUME: 0.8 ltr

WEIGHT: 248 g

MATERIAL: Chicken Tex Nylon


Product feature(s)


1995. Melbourne, Australia. A bunch of gritty bike messengers realized they need messenger bags that could live up to their tough line of work. No bag on the market could, so they started designing those bags themselves. Crumpler was born.



Why do we make bags? Because it‘s what we do best. Since that initial messenger bag we strive to offer the perfect bag for every type of urban species - from street photographer to traveller to tech-savvy commuter. We are constantly researching, tweaking and improving our bags to provide you with the best possible solution.


Chicken Tex™ Nylon is a custom woven fabric and is the main fabric on most of our bags. This fabric has up to 1000d weave density, which is a lot (3.5cm2 is made from 9Kms of nylon!). Created to have the perfect balance between ultra-strength and weight, Chicken Tex makes Crumpler bags extra tough.



Our buckles and clips have to be high quality, strong and efficient so we make them out of polyamide (nylon) or polyacetal (metal substitute). We test to make sure the durability is excellent before use on any of our products.

Product ID CP-QE150-001
Brand Crumpler
Category Camera Bags / Hard Cases
Color Dull Black
Capacity 0.8 ltr
Price HKD 349.00
Warrenty 3 Years
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